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Many of our students are accomplishing great things outside of
martial arts as well.  From academic achievement to sport awards,
this section of our website is dedicated to those students who have
shown 110% dedication in all areas of their lives.

College Students:

Nakita Estrada:
- Attending Hofstra University

Brandon Sweet:
- Attending Dowling University

Jordan Sweet:
Attending Northeastern University

Thomas Eberhardt:
- Attending the State University
of New York at Binghamton

Eileen Giarratano:
- Graduated SUNY Stony Brook - Suma Kum Lao
May '07 - Foreign Language Studies and Translations

Joey Giarratano:
- Attending SUNY Farmingdale

Laura Mele
- Attending Hofstra University

Jason Lopez-Rogers
- Attending Hofstra University

Qasim Ellis
- Attending SUNY Farmingdale




Get Well Soon

We always want our students to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.
When a student is feeling sick, we hope they get well as soon as possible.


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