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Still unsure about how Tae Kwon Do and/or Haidong Gumdo can benefit you?
Here are some comments from students and parents explaining how
martial arts training has helped them or their children.


"David started Tae Kwon Do when he was 11 years old.  Twelve years later he now has his 3rd degree black belt, soon to be 4th.  Master Ralph and Master Maria are two wonderful people who never gave up on David. When David stated he was a shy young boy.  Thanks to Master Ralph and Master Maria, David is now a young man with self-respect, for himself as well as others. Most of all, he has the confidence to achieve life’s goals.  Enrolling our son in Tae Kwon Do was the best thing we, as parents, did for our child."

Parents of David Urso,
Mr. and Mrs. Urso   

"It seems like only yesterday Dominick, now 9, started taking Tae Kwon Do lessons during the Town of Babylon Summer Program at Estrada Tae Kwon Do / Haidong Gumdo Academy, but in fact it's been almost 5 years.  Since starting martial arts, Dominick has become more focused, he is maturing into a very polite, respectful and well-rounded young man.  He has achieved 2nd degree high red belt in Tae Kwon Do and has also started Haidong Gumdo in which he has achieved Purple belt.  Dominick truly has a passion for Haidong Gumdo; I think he really likes the swords.  He looks forward to teenage class and learning how to disarm attackers.
Dominick's little brother Daniel, now 5, started Tae Kwon Do the summer of 2003.  He is currently a Yellow belt w/ green stripe [in the Little Dragons program] and can't wait to start Haidong Gumdo.  I feel Tae Kwon Do and Haidong Gumdo are the best sports for any young person.  They teach self-respect, self-confidence, to help others and not to be boastful.  Dominick and Daniel both will some day reach their goal to be Black Belts in both Tae Kwon Do and Haidong Gumdo."

Dominick & Daniel's parents,
Danielle & Dom Fileccia

"In the 5 years my son has been involved in Martial Arts at Estrada's his life has changed drastically for the better.  The focus, dedication and determination he's developed because of his training is truly astounding.  His self respect and self confidence have also grown by leaps and bounds.  The regimen and rules instilled in him have indeed made him a better person and he will continue with his training until he achieves his goal, which is a black belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Haidong Gumdo."

Zach's Dad
John Russo


"Our children began Tae Kwon Do 2 years ago.  They have learned the art of being patient and how to focus on not just Tae Kwon Do, but in everything they undertake; from school work, to sports, family situations, to just learning about people.  They are very confident in themselves and are willing to do their best.  The fact that they are learning to protect themselves and distinguish between what is right or wrong speaks for itself."

The Weis Family



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